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Originally Posted by Cranky Emu View Post
Somewhere this has gone off track - I am not interested in doing FOH sound, I will be solely recording the live gig. The FOH side of things is their problem.
Oh shit, sorry! OK, forget about all of the above then.

If the club has a system with an interface built-in that you can plug into a laptop USB, then you're golden. Otherwise you would have to bring your own mixing system and take over. The only other option is mic splitters on everything and then an interface and a computer. Mic splitters aren't cheap. You'd need the cabling to patch that all together too. You might still get lucky and find a board with analog direct outs. Then you'd just need the right patch snake to connect to your audio interface. There are SO many analog and digital boards that will NOT have that though.

It's going to get a little hairy if the club has their own system for the live sound and if it doesn't have an audio interface style output to record from. The thing that got slick is the newer devices mentioned above that let you tap off for a recording.

Honestly you really might want to consider something like the X32 and bringing your own mixing engineer as a member of the band. Bring a couple mics at least (like a couple condensers for drum overheads for example if the lineup includes drums - whatever is important that a 57 or 58 won't cut it for) and use their 57s and 58s for everything else. Give the club your stereo mix for front of house and however many monitor mixes you want to run for their inputs. From their perspective it will be like a DJ act (connection-wise). Rehearse with the system and you'll be walking in with your monitor mixes mostly dialed in and your mix roughed in right out of the box.

Don't spell this out in detail to them - it will just confuse them. Just say "I have 5 inputs for you. FOH L/R and monitor mix 1,2,&3." (for example) And then "Is it cool if we use a few 57s and 58s?"

FYI, the FOH becomes your problem pretty quickly if it's shitty. It will be all over the recording. Anything from crap sound bleeding into the mics to gross stuff like distorted inputs.

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