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G&L MFD pickups with the adjustable pole pieces. You can make those things so sound many different ways. The PTB wiring is a big plus as well. Even on a Fender, I wire it G&L style now because I use the Treble and Bass knob way more often. And you can get more tones from your pickups.

The Lace Sensor Hot Gold set is one of my favorites. I have had guys tell me "Lace sound to steril to me". because that what folks say on the net. Then these guys come to a gig and tell me how amazing my Strat sounds and ask my what pickups I am using.

Lollar makes some great pickups. But honestly, I did a shootout with some players. A blind test. And they couldn't pick the Lollar from the Lace. No joke. Guitar players stay away from blind test because so many hear with their eyes.

Dimarzio makes excellent pickups as well for Strats. I would really consider the G&L PTB wiring to go with your new pickups.

This video shows off the MFD pickups (Rio Grande have permission to make versions as well) and the PTB system. These pickups and PTB system are so much tone!
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