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I'm trying to use Reaper for live, mainly for backing tracks, but also potentially some keyboard patches. I'm using 1 project per song/set of patches.

I'm trying to replicate Mainstage's "Master Fader" concept, where there's an over-riding master fader for an entire "Concert" (which would be set of Reaper projects in this case). What I'd like to do is, when opening a new project (song/patch), to set the Master fader to whatever it was immediately prior in the previous project.

It seems like SetExtState is a good place to continually store the Master Fader changes, but what I'm struggling with is how to know that a new project was opened and therefore to set the Master Fader from external state as opposed to storing its value into external state.

Of course open to other ways to achieve my broader use case. I've played around a bit with SWS startup actions. Even for the project startup action (which wouldn't be ideal for me to use as I'd have to set the startup action per project), it's not clear to me how to make sure the action gets run prior to overwriting the external state (though I guess I could create an "is_initialized" external state to prevent that).
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