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This is how I'm tempo mapping after reading the threads in here and trying out a few things.

1-insert media and place a marker at beginning of media

2-set playback rate to approximately 2 times the original speed and use this to fly through the track while pressing M and laying down markers.

3- after laying down the markers set the playback rate back to 1 times speed.

4- go to View-Region/Marker Manager and open it. Highlight all the markers ( I had 200 because I seem to HAVE to put a Marker on every beat )

** If I don't put a Marker on every beat, the sws script for changing markers to Tempo gives me funky numbers like 20bpm when it should be 80bpm. I want to put 1 marker for every bar, but I can't do this.**

Now that all the markers are highlighted, i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, - I ctrl click on 1, then, 5, then 9, etc. Pressing Delete will delete all the highlighted Markers and leave me with the desired 1 marker per Bar, and then when I use the sws Tempo script and Set the Markers per Measure to "1", then will I get proper tempo.

I have to lay down markers 1 for every beat and delete 3 beats for every bar or I'll get incorrect BPMs, like 20 instead of 80, or 320 instead of 80.

5- now with the desired amount of Markers, I can go in and fine tune them to begin on the transient. After tuning the Markers I go to SWS and convert project markers to tempo markers, after setting the Markers per Measure to "1".
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