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Originally Posted by JamesPeters View Post
I notice video playback is a little bit jerky sometimes with the 2 Nvidia cards I've used, a GT 1030 (with DDR5) and GTX 680 super duper edition something-or-other. I've become really sensitive to video which doesn't look like it's moving very smoothly, so it might not be something you'd notice; it's not outright screen tear (which I had to resolve, because Nouveau wasn't working well and then I had to enable full composition pipeline with the Nvidia Xserver settings). I've tried lots of different settings with the Nvidia Xserver stuff, DE settings, and so on. Video is a bit "not smooth" sometimes still. Games seem perfectly fine though. Anyway I'll know right away if the AMD card works better, and I plan to try the default AMD driver first.

The AMD card is the XFX Radeon RX 570 RS. Supposedly its fans will actually turn off when nothing demanding for video is happening. I'll find out I guess.
I've got two media center machines running Kodi on Linux and serve up lots of full 1080p TS video. They are old dog Core 2 Duo machines with fanless nVidia 710 and GT520 cards. They both play fine with no noticeable difference in video quality vs live HDTV from the air. Originally I had done several tweaks I found on the net to fix screen tearing but Netflix had noticeable lagginess compared to TS video streaming from a MythTV server.

I later killed all three or so lines I had added to xorg.conf and one at a time enabled them finding that only one single line was needed to fix my issues, and since then streaming Netflix is now butter smooth too. All that said, I still plan to go Radeon at some point after I get an initial Ryzen box up and running.
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