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Im a live performer so my needs might be less than what a Recording Studio might need.
But I layered lots of instrument using a multi zone Master MIDI Controller.
I use rigs I build in a 1U PC and have several brands of storage SSDs and NVMe M.2s.
I love Samsung the most so 850 Pros and a 1TB 960 Pro.
M.2 helps out on sample “ loading” like Omnisphere. Might be useful for the OS as there seems to be quicker boots and shut downs, but not as important as loading Omnisphere samples which I change 2-4 times in a song.

I too want an AMD this time around even though my Intel rigs work great.
But Im a server board kind of user that wants stock speeds, no blinking lights on my RAM or ring tones on a boot up, just the meat and potatos.
So the ASRock AMD Workstation boards using the 470 will be plenty for me.

I could go with a 570 Pro 4 from ASRock but the DIMMs are perpendicular to the faceplate so Id need a new 1U Chassis with side to side cooling.
Still plenty of time to decide.

But in all honesty we cant even use the bandwidth of an M.2 NVMe that throttles down to 2x from 4x if they become a little hot.
Which is why I don't care about top end speed of any storage device.
Transaction times are so low on an SSD or M.2 these 150,000 Random I/O benchmarks dont correlate to our gear very much, with the exception of sample “loading” apps like Omnisphere.

Just thought Id share since I wasted a lot of money chasing benchmarks before.
My i7 4790k rigs are barely hitting 50% so a new AMD 3790X @ 65 watts should be sweet and the kind of upgrade to faster/cooler designs.

Just wrapping up my outdoor gigs and my open frame design never gagged once in the west coast/las vegas heat.

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