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Originally Posted by XITE-1/4LIVE View Post
Your 3U looks like a PlinkUSA Design.
Ive got a 4U side to side for an 8086k rig they make.
Its their side to side cooled 1U I would use if I go with a 570 design.
A 470 design would be easier as Id swap out one of my 1U Supermicros.
Ive got a rehearsal rig, a spare rig and the 4790k rig I just built using NOS parts I bought 6 years ago.
Ive got finicky drivers so when something works I stock up.

PlinkUSA has excellent chassis though, you're fine with anything they make.
The 4U below is a great outdoor rig.
Just throw a Noctua Cooler and a pair of 120mm for the sides and you can suck a marble through a hose.
Very cool rack setups you have created. I note the reverse chassis with ports in the front.

Yep, that is a PlinkUSA case and it's one of the top ones I'm considering. Do you have any of your rackmount cases on rails?

I'm thinking I would want to put one on rails so I could pull it out like a drawer when I need to get into it. The mixer above the midi keyboard in the right bay of my mix desk is where I would be putting it.

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