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Originally Posted by Glennbo View Post
Very cool rack setups you have created. I note the reverse chassis with ports in the front.

Yep, that is a PlinkUSA case and it's one of the top ones I'm considering. Do you have any of your rackmount cases on rails?

I'm thinking I would want to put one on rails so I could pull it out like a drawer when I need to get into it. The mixer above the midi keyboard in the right bay of my mix desk is where I would be putting it.

No on the rails.
My open frame chassis fits into a Shockrack ATA for when I travel.
And for your rig the Plink Chassis has handles on the front, just pull it out by the handles.
Besides I doubt your desktop workstation shelves would be big enough for rails and I had them back in Gigastudio days, a pain in the ass crooked shit.

Just read up on the B550 Chipset for Ryzen 3000s.
Perfect chipset for audio guys.
Its meant for budget builds they say, but ASRock loves making niche stuff.
Id love that chipset on a thick server quality PCB.

So I wait again.
Thats fine, I never regret being behind the times.
Plus no need fixing something that works.
But its fun to pretend design.

Nice tight studio you got there too.
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