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Originally Posted by XITE-1/4LIVE View Post
No on the rails.
My open frame chassis fits into a Shockrack ATA for when I travel.
And for your rig the Plink Chassis has handles on the front, just pull it out by the handles.
Besides I doubt your desktop workstation shelves would be big enough for rails and I had them back in Gigastudio days, a pain in the ass crooked shit.
You talked me out of rails! I suppose there might have also been an issue since the racks in my desk are angled. If it were on rails the machine might try to roll back into the rack.

Just read up on the B550 Chipset for Ryzen 3000s.
Perfect chipset for audio guys.
Its meant for budget builds they say, but ASRock loves making niche stuff.
Id love that chipset on a thick server quality PCB.

So I wait again.
Thats fine, I never regret being behind the times.
Plus no need fixing something that works.
But its fun to pretend design.

Nice tight studio you got there too.
Thanks! I looked at some of the B550 boards last night and read a few articles, but I'm still thinking I want to pair up a 3700X with the chipset that supports PCIe 4.0 coz I will prolly have this machine for ten years, just like the one I'm using now. My biggest issue with the X570 chipset if the fans, and if anything were to convince me not to go X570 that would be it.
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