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But the B550 is suppose to support your current PCI 3 and future 4X devices, unless I misunderstood the guy at Digitimes Taiwan.

AMD has always allowed a platform upgrade path as you mentioned above. AM4 has used countless CPUs and chipsets.
So the B550 makes perfect sense for guys with recently purchased storage and DRAM who want to use it longer until the dust (and prices) settle on the new PCI 4.

I better double check, hope its true though because Ive got tons of NOS and even new devices I grab, even though they weren't needed.
512GB M.2s from Intel for 47 bucks. 2TB M.2 for 99 bucks.
Im a sucker for those Newegg alerts.

My dream is a quad/8 thread AMD with a base clock of 4GHz.
Doesn't mean I wont buy an 8, but when AMD needs extra dough in 2020 theres a good chance theyll break up 8 Core wafers and make even more cash.

The more I read about the CEO from AMD I can see her jumping into a major S & P 500 company and shaking shit up.
Her foresight on what Intels response would be and her product line release times are as if she hacked their database and knows their every move.
They keep saying this new CPU is coming but they cant even get the 9900 variants to the market.

I cant believe Goldman Sachs hasn't scooped her up yet.
Id love her to write a book.
She came out of nowhere and took down the worlds most profitable Corporation.
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