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Originally Posted by pim van dorst View Post
hallo nitsuj i like it very to, smooth as butter ..but when use more than 1 so say 2 on track buses and 1 on the master bus it gets glitchy on my computer win 10 7i processor

like the controle view you added handy !!!!

greetings from holland
A couple of pointers...

Try not to have too many ReEQ windows open, one is best. The rendering is quite heavy for JSFX. If you can, close the windows in-between edits.

Most of the time you can use ReEQ's 'Eco' setting. Click on the 'HQ' button on the bottom row to get the option of selecting it. HQ produces more accurate filter curve shapes in the higher frequencies but most of the time you may not need it. The filter code for Eco is twice as fast as that for HQ.

Other than that you should be ok on an i7.
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