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Originally Posted by strachupl View Post
If it is possible plugin could detect and set mode to HQ when rendering to provide always best quality so you could work in eco mode always while be calm about mixdown quality, I thought...
The problem with that (other than its feasibility in a JS plugin): if you work in "eco" then switch to "hq" when rendering, it will render noticeably different from how you were mixing with it. It's a lot different from working in 32-bit then rendering to 16-bit, for instance.

The "hq" setting is more about how the EQ shape won't cramp near the Nyquist frequency (as opposed to how they do in "eco" mode), especially when using high-frequency bands (not shelves). So if you don't care about your bands being perfectly symmetrical near Nyquist (if you use shelves for "high-end lift" for instance), you can get away with "eco" all the time. Or if you work at a higher sample rate in general.

But if you want the bands to be symmetrical near Nyquist, you'll want to mix that way and not just render that way. You'll notice the difference and it'll affect your mixing decisions.
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