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Default Plugin compatibility with Win xp/7

I am planning to move from my current PC to a new one, based on Intel sandy bridge, and Windows 7 instead of Win XP 32 (mainly in order to acess more than 4 Gb of RAM).

I use lots of free plugins, which are very good by the way. Among them, many are listed (on their web site) as "Win 32", Windows", "Windows XP".

I wonder, does it mean that they are supposed to work exclusively "under" Windos XP OS, or it means that they work under 32 bit DAW (regardless of OS 32/64 option[/U]). I did plan to work on Win 7/ Reaper 32 to mantain my current workflow, and (as I said) many "nice" plugins...for example Variety of sound, Antress Modern plugins, GSi etc.

Please help!!!

If they are not compatible with Win7 at all, I will have to give up Windows 7 route, and continue to work on XP on new quad core PC (which isn't bad per se, but it will limit RAM access)
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