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Default Setting up Akai mpk mini - i can't figure this out!

Have had Reaper for years now, but have not had as much time to use it as lots of you guys...I finally have the time and room now, so I have been trying to get in the "swang" of thangs...
I am trying to set up the Akai MPK mini and failing miserably, and I don't know where I am going wrong.
1. Downloaded the software for the MPK, updated all firmware.
2. It shows up in Windows 10 in video and game controllers.
3. In Reaper v6 I go into preferences and MIDI devices. I enable it for input and output.
4. I go to the control devices, it shows up, I use the Mackie control, enable this, and I get this message:

The following MIDI inputs could not be opened: MPKmini2
The following MIDI outputs could not be opened: MPKmini2

I have shut down Reaper, difference
I have shut down Windows, difference
I have disabled the MPK in Midi devices, removed it from control surfaces, restarted everything, set them up again, and difference.
I have also changed USB cables and difference.

I have been at this for hours...does anyone have some advice? Am I missing something really simple and stupid? (I wouldn't be surprised)

Also, have tried to search but can't really find anything...also may be my fault.

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