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Well, Drew, you came up with the answer - all I had to do was to edit the entries in the reaper-vstplugins.ini file.

I still think that's a shaky workaround, for several reasons:

1 - I have no idea whether Reaper keeps the new entries or overwrites it later. I guess I'll find out. Maybe it will cause a big crash at some point where it decides to rescan or something. Feels wrong to be editing ini files like that without reassuring documentation...

2 - The real names of the dll files were in that file, and Reaper itself has managed to shorten them from the perfectly descriptive names to the less descriptive repeated ones (for instance GAC1_SC.dll -> GAC1 and GAC1_SCM.dll -> GAC1). So it seems Reaper does it on purpose.

3 - Everybody else gets it right:

Keeping the folder structure from the hard disk could be optional, particularly after reading your argument about wanting to mix vst and dx effects, although I can't think of a single scenario where I would want to see ALL the vst effects on one page. Impressing dumb customers, perhaps.

Anyway, I've made my point and I've found my workarounds, back to work.


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