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Originally Posted by Jason Brian Merrill View Post
the one in amplitube is great - haven't found anything as good in a standalone plug but would love to.
Afraid I swing the other way, Guitar Rig not Amplitube user I can get the effect in GR (envelope & volume pedal) but was looking for a Reaper 'native' solution for when I'm dabbling on my tablet (not really up to running GR)

Originally Posted by IXix View Post
How does it work? Does the response vary depending on how hard you play a note? What sort of parameters does it have? It's probably really simple to code.
The classic effect is just a threshold and attack which is why it's often emulated with a noise gate (if you have a noise gate with a long enough attack, most are too short). Though I've wondered if making the effect more responsive would be an improvement; hard picking comes through as normal whereas softer strumming triggers the effect. It probably is simple but beyond me.

Originally Posted by pakkuncung View Post
I haven't tried it yet.

But i guess it could be done simply by using JS:volume_pan with audio triggered scale inverted parameter modulation.
Not sure how you'd do that, you mean using Reapers ability to modulate one parameter from an audio source?

Originally Posted by SaulT View Post
My initial thoughts would be something like this -

ADSR with desired attack speed

audio > thresh then trigger attack
audio < thresh then trigger decay

window of at least 5-20 ms, usually the point is to cut attack transients
I think that's it basically, maybe just an attack stage needed to swell the audio in. It can be left to decay on it's own, just reset the trigger when the audio goes below the threshold again.

Thanks all.
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