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Hello folks,

My name is Saulo Valerio. I'm originally from Brazil but I have been in the UK for many years (West London). As my wife is also English, I guess I'm BrazEnglish. (when it comes down to footie, definately in that order!)

I have been playing the guitar and other stuff for about 16 years (started when I was 11) and I play mainly jazz influenced music. I have played in a few bands, worked as a session guitarist and gigged a fair amount. I currently pretty much only play in my church's worship group and record at home either alone or with a friend or two. (will soon post a song with the wifey's vocals!)

I have been doing MIDI guitar for a while, so hopefully I have learnt a thing or 2 which might help if anybody else is interested in it.

PS: Sorry I haven't signed up for the MSN Group thingie yet... will do soon.

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