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Originally Posted by Breeder View Post
Since I presume your MCP layouts mostly share their sizes, you could use the action to set some other layout that has the same size via that action, and then change the layout to what you need using SWS API
Good idea! I'll do that.
EDIT: Actually, any single successful mixer layout change via action refreshes the whole thing (even a change of master strip's layout). I have the hunch I can use that to my advantage .
EDIT #2: Aaah, as does "Mixer: Toggle master track visible" . 2x at the end of the script. That's the ticket

Originally Posted by Breeder View Post
I you set both MCP and TCP layout to some non-default layout, this should print it to the console: [_code_]
OH BOY!!! Couldn't it have been at least a tiny bit complicated? I retract my words. Broomsticks must be smarter than me Thanks bunches, Breeder, I 've got it working.

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