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Some late feedback...
Originally Posted by benf View Post
where can I get a list of those SWS functions ?
SWS ReaScript functions are documented together with native functions in main menu > help > reascript documentations (to distinguish them, such function names are always prefixed in caps, e.g. "BR_", "FNG_", etc)

Originally Posted by Coachz View Post
Gents, Any way to get SendReaControl working in Reaper 5 please ?
As shown in your screenshot there, you're running REAPER x64 but this (unsupported) plugin is 32-bit only and can't work as a bridged plug due its special nature...

Originally Posted by heda View Post
When opening a project into a new tab from the Resources window, it will open the default template into the new tab, just to close it and open the project requested.
Originally Posted by heda View Post
It would be great also if we could open multiple projects at the same time from the Resources window. We can select multiple rows, but if you open them will open one project only.
Sure, done!

Originally Posted by nofish View Post
Got a crash when trying to use fingers Groove tool on multiple (pooled) MIDI items.
Arrrg.. I hope fingers will see this... In the meantime, I couldn't duplicate :/
Any additional clues, example project? Also what's the exact action name crashing?


@stereolost: I see you've deleted your report, so I guess python was ok in yosemite (?)
Just for the record, it's ok here too (but on OSX 10.9.4...)
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