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Default SetArrangeView

Hey, loving the new SWS stuff, especially the new API uses. I'm not positive, but I think I may be finding a bug when using BR_SetArrangeView().

I've created a simple .eel script that gets the current "endTimeOut", adds 2 to it, and sets that as the new "endTimeOut".

Testing out the script, I notice that it works, but only for a short while before a ceiling is reached for how great "endTimeOut" can be set to. At this point it can't be set anything greater.

Also, if I'm zoomed out as far as possible in the Reaper arrange, the script won't really do anything, "endTimeOut" can't increase.

extension_api("BR_GetArrangeView", 0, arrangeStart, arrangeEnd);
arrangeEnd = arrangeEnd + 2;

format_timestr(arrangeEnd, #buff);

extension_api("BR_SetArrangeView", 0, arrangeStart, arrangeEnd);
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