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Originally Posted by NoiseMan View Post
I would like to add one (minor) thing:

If you have a Novation ReMote, it comes with Universal AutoMap, which creates wrapper plugins for the VSTi you want to have controlled by ReMote. These wrapper plugins are labelled like "VSTi Name XY (AutoMap)" in other hosts.

Unfortunately, in Reaper they get the same name as the original one, which makes it a pain in the butt, because you can be sure that whatever flavour of the plugin you want, it's the other than the one you just selected...

Nothing that couldn't be corrected with three mouse clicks, but still...
It also happens me, but with Antress Modern Plugins, it's annoying.

All the things like that we have to submit to reaper feature request, i think that things like this one are easy to fix and they are working to.
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