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Originally Posted by Masonic View Post
What is the simplest way of doing it?
Either manually transfer the resources files + reaper-kb.ini from an online computer or use REAPER's export configuration feature (which does just that but uses a zip file).

Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
Hence maybe a "ReaPackLoader" executable to be run on the Internet enabled PC (with Reaper not installed there), communicating with ReaPack by transporting propriety Files to and fro. But of course other implementation variants might be (more) viable.
I imagine a "Import/Export package set" feature, which could even be useful to online users. Similar to REAPER's ReaperConfigZip except it would merge the configurations instead of dumbly overwriting files.
You'd install things using PC1's ReaPack, export the package set, import that on PC2's ReaPack (no internet connection required) and the result would be the same as if you'd have just installed those on PC2 directly.
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