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Originally Posted by G-Sun View Post

Besides that I do believe there are some bigger spiritual ideas that also drives politics. Like the ideas of freedom, equality and individuality in USA,
and equality and serving the community in USSR.

The bird in a cage has the freedom to stand, eat, sleep, etc. It is so cute, just look at it! Look how happy it is... Say's who?

Different programming (i.e. brainwashing) and social engineering for different purposes, but it's all merging into one big clusterf*ck.

Freedom = Stockholm syndrome

It's all an illusion.

Even when you wake up your reality is still an illusion. The American dream... Right?! Dreaming awake.

So many layers to peel off - takes a life time - perhaps the act of peeling away is the only thing that makes sense? Don't go thinking you've reached the core, because chances are you've been led into a cul-de-sac by a gate keeper, a tool, or both.

Yes it's spiritual.

The question is: "What have we remembered on our own VS things we believe - that have been given to us?

Individuality? Perhaps buried deep underneath the stacks of mind programs (layers/peels of the onion) there is something rather unique to each person. But who really knows? Because all I see are slight variations on the surface of the onion - mostly aesthetic - like the type of haircut, what religious or cultural program, or what side of the dialectic is being argued. It's all <copy & paste> passing for personal opinion. Seems like the ego is mostly a spirit dressed in onion peels?

If you're lucky you can catch a glimps at your core. That's when the wall comes tumbling down and either 1) you rebuild quickly what fell because the cognitive dissonance is to painful, or 2) you decide to make it your life mission to deprogram yourself, remember, and free yourself.

But saying that USA = freedom is <copy & paste>.

Note: when I use the words 'you', 'your', and 'you're' it's mostly generic - not necessarily talking about G-Sun.
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