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Originally Posted by azslow3 View Post
Note that the link was the first googled, which had an outline of major German concerns about democracy in Poland, written in english. So that was not for numbers, just as the reference that tree cuts are not in the list...
Ah I understand. This actually fits the point I was trying to make: That Germany, in particular German press, is not the de-facto standard of political objectivity. Even if they would like to be so much and don't miss any opportunity to lecture the world about that.

Originally Posted by azslow3 View Post
While I personally have controversial feeling about Soros activities, independent from primary intentions and motivations, Soros has helped science and education to survive in Russia during "perestroyka" time, when these two areas was completely forgotten. I know some people which was working for him at that time, and at least these people had clean targets (and had significant success achieving them).
Soros was just an example for funding of above NGO, however this anecdote is interesting. I highly welcome any investment in education, science and research.

More recently though I personally don't have a high opinion of him, making me think more of an opportunist of him. He seems to be focused much more on political matters nowadays and based on past actions I don't buy his alleged philanthropy. Not at all.

People should not forget that he's one of the most relentless investment bankers, his main objective was/is to aggregate obscenely huge chunks of money, quite often speculating on falling prices and declining economies. As you can see in my last post for example there are prominent claims that he's trying to actively influence and (partly) succeeded to destabilize whole countries (e.g. Yugoslavia, Malaysia, Ukraine, ...). So I'm asking me why wouldn't he try to do that under the disguise of philanthropy too? This could be a business model.

I find it at least suspicious that wherever there's a crisis or turmoil in a 1st world country, you can very often connect Soros and one of his numerous financial backed organizations.
Unlike with other super-rich-turned-philanthropists, like f.e. Gates.

There are countless means to do good in the world (education,research,medicine,...) why would you choose to influence tense political processes?
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