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Originally Posted by reapercurious View Post

The America Pravda says that Russia somehow was able to hack the election and install President Donald Trump.

Any comments are appreciated.
First comment is that it doesn't say ^that, it says that they tried to hack and there is no evidence any hack swayed the election.

Secondly, the Dutch hacked the cozy bear group (the ones suspected of hacking into the DNC), at the time of the hacking, and filmed them for 6 months if memory serves and relayed that to the FBI.

They also found 100s of fake social media accounts posing as Americans and playing to the gullible citizen's sensibilities during the election (there are plenty of those gullible citizens here). If there were any non-American bad actors attempting to sway the election, it would be simply planting that seed because so many here would fall for it in a second because some really are that gullible - aka they fall for anything that supports their delusions.

I have no idea what the Russian government wants, I do know though if I were external to the US and trump was running, he is who I'd want because of all US presidents in history, he is the easiest to manipulate as he isn't that smart.
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