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Originally Posted by Sju View Post
Also we saw that shit here in Finland, for example in a form of this internet-based alt-right publication "MV-Lehti", which concentrated on spewing false stories, trying to disguise as legit journalism, stoking anti-immigration views during the peak of the refugee crisis, and trying to generate antipathy against established, "main-stream" media outlets.
What makes it even sadder is those who started the fake news movement are the ones spreading the fake news - it's ironic and unfortunately genius at the same time.

Btw, I'm not blaming Russia or it citizens (just see if the shoe fits, as it is not my call). Really more about the fact that social media etc. is the new weapon of choice regardless of who decides to use it - of course those who want their goal *more* than facts are the only ones that use it that way - whomever that is, and there are many who prefer the facts even if it disagrees with their motives - those do exist so the assumption that there is no truth is really just giving up - there is always truth.
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