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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
Congratulations !
This in fact does seem like a very promising project !

BTW. (RE: " unfortunately OSC support is still rare") :
A friend of mine uses a RASPI 3 to connect his Guitar pedal board via OSC to an XR-18 Rack mixer. Works great. He did the programming in Python.
I use Reaper and OSCIIBot to connect my XTouch Compact to the same XR18. I did JSFX scripts and OSCIIBot Scripts in EEL for this.
Moreover the XR18 is connected via OSC with two Tablets (one Windows, and one Android) running the software provided with the XR18.

All lat the same time when practicing and "on stage".

Nice setup you created!

I thought about using a RPi as it would allow for more complex graphical user interface design and it has ethernet is built in. On the other hand, a RPi is much more complex with a complete operating system and all that goes with it. A Pi also requires more power, USB buspower is out of the question and I don't know if POE (power over ethernet) can supply enough power. My OSC test controller with 2.4" display is USB bus powered. A Teensy or Arduino is essentially very simple and your program (sketch in Arduino terms) is very close to the hardware itself. With the available OSC library it's pretty easy to get OSC working on a Teensy although not so obvious if you're just getting into Arduino/Teensy programming. The basic OSC controller is intended as a starting point for developing a custom controller, the sketch contains most of the functions one would need to receive and send OSC messages. There're tons of examples when it comes to MIDI controllers but there's very little OSC stuff which is a shame because OSC is really great if you want feedback i.e. for two-way controllers.
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