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First of all, thank you very much for this useful utility!
I started using Midimix more because of it, otherwise I would not have remembered all my midi mappings. ;-)

However, after some enthusiastic testing, I ran into problem with it. On one particular track in my project, it created the following error message:

MIDImix_assignments_DS_v003.lua:761: bad argument #3 to 'TrackFX_GetParamName' (number expected, got string)

After a bit of debugging, forcing me to look into Reaper scripting a bit more, I noticed that the format it does not seem to like, looks like this for example:

PARMLEARN 2:1282361137 0 3 /midimix/knob/1

Creating this string as the input for the function, which expects integer:


As a workaround, I have now adapted the script lines 748-757 as shown in the attachment.

As I only started with scripting in Reaper and I do not really know what I am doing, I don't know if this is a proper fix or workaround. According to my limited testing, it seems to do the trick for me at least. ;-)
I have no idea, where the colon comes from in the first place, but getting rid of it and everything behind it seems to work.
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