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Default Advices for ex Cubase user

Hi everybody,

I'm a Sound Designer in Video Games and I'm from Cubase, but I'm trying to migrate to Reaper.
However I wanted to have some tips if possible, I know that everything is configurable and that you have to poke around to get to his ends.
But I am deadlocked for several points, I think it would be necessary to make macros for some features (which for me its essential in my workflow) asked to know:

- Invert the left click / drag and right click (so that I select with the left click and drag) and the time loop (right click and drag)

- Create the modification of the gain clip to the mousewheel, I have the impression that reaper does not take into account the mouse scroll up or down, wheel is wheel,
Basically (like cubase) I want once the object (the clip) selected I can mount its gain clip by scrolling the wheel up and down by scrolling down

- Apply fade in or out (fades) on several tracks selected at the same time (the equivalent of shift + fade on Pro tools and automatic on Cubase)

Thank you in advance for your answers !

I really want to invest myself on this Daw he looks really powerful.

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