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Figured it out. Wow, what a bundle of issues it turned out to be...

First, these routines in IPlugVST3.cpp that take a VST3 ParamID were broken, because ParamID is a tag, and the code was treating it as an index: setParamNormalized, getParamNormalized, plainParamToNormalized. Also, normalizedParamToPlain wasn't implemented.

Also, there seems to be a difference of opinion between Reaper and me as to how to map normalized 0-1 preset index. That's not a problem if plainParamToNormalized was working and normalizedParamToPlain was implemented. I used the VST3 definition of 0-1 maps to 0-35, so multiply to divide by 35, Reaper seemed to think 36. Maybe I'm the one that's wrong, but that seems to be how Steinberg defines it. In any case, as long as those two functions are implemented, there is no problem.

PS—, wish I'd found that before, spent too much time thinking it had to be in the plugin code.

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