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Great theory man. If memory serves correct, I believe there was mention of that or at least along similar lines, in the Triune Brain Hypothesis(I could be wrong though)

You guys were talking about Vandal...That is without a doubt my absolute favorite commercial amp software. Of course I always take issue with the prices charged. Vandal is the only amp software you would not have to pry the cash from my dead body for.

@Pipelineaudio, this is yet another reason why I still remain a "Real" Tube amp fan. I just don't think under the current processor speed its possible to truly model an amp. If we could then why has no one made a port of SPICE that models and runs in real time? Until then VST modeling is all just make believe. Actually, even if someone was to make a spice port, I would still question it...

Whats the samplerate limit on a real tube amp, oh yeah right..There isn't one...haha

Also Pipe, I hope everyone in Hawaii is safe...If needed you have my prayers, I hope they are not needed though...
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