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I think if you're into sitting and tweaking knobs and experimenting for hours, then there are plenty of good amp sims out there. Amplitube, for what its worth, has a ton of options and is capable of good sounds, and I hope I don't get my head cut off for saying this, but as far as payware amp sims go, I really think Peavey's Revalver deserves a mention here.

I've tried every amp sim I could find just to see what I was going to spend my money on, and when it comes to plug in and create, I just don't think anything has beat Revalver in the way of recreating an actual tube feel.

This might be on ethically shaky ground, but I have tried pirated copies of a lot of things, and if I like it and it's reasonably priced, I will pay for it. On the other hand, if I don't intend to buy a license for it, it will not stay on my pc.

For instance, I stumbled across Reaper while looking for something that had better plugin support than adobe audition, and while you could actually use Reaper forever without paying for it, once I saw how much a personal license costs, I purchased it immediately, because it is so affordable and powerful, this is a cause I want to support.

On the same token, Revalver HP is 70 bucks and sports all the options I need in an amp sim, because I use it mostly for writing new material. Even though I live in a house, I'd prefer not to mic up the Mesa every time I want to record something.

Anyhow, for plug in and play, thats my two cents.

And...if IK does start releasing single-head/cab plugins, I would jump on that boat in a heartbeat. It's not that Amplitube is too expensive per se, but I'd be paying 300 bucks for a ton of options I don't require. If I could buy only the components of amplitube which are useful to me, at a reasonable price, then I'm in.
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