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Yeah, I can't afford the big packages, but have have tried them. A lot of them(the big boys) just sound too impulsy for me(boxy). And when you put them on left and right, you get the dreaded tunnel. I have tried using compressors with different settings BEFORE the amp sims (different comps on left/right) to try to offset the dyamics. That works somewhat. Its the same thing like, with reverbs that don't have "modulation".. that tunneled feel.

Really though, for me, the big boys cabinets just sound waaay to boxy and well my fav term for them "plasticy".

Another thing too is string noise. You hear a lot, like every detail of the string noise, a real amp, you don't hear all the detail. Its like, we need to degrade the incoming sound somehow and make it smoother. Maybe something like that mp3 conversion "birdie" noise... to take some upper end detail away. Guess Smearing the incoming signal, is the term i'm looking for.

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