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Rob that string noise you're talking about. I tried to deal with that in earlier creations, like the preampus line, Shred 1.06, etc. when I attempted to smear (just as good a word as any) I ended up with the wet towel over the speaker type sound. That lead me to believe that perhaps the room sound, even with the mic up against the speaker was somehow interacting to lessen this effect. I still don't know if thats it, its almost certainly part of it.

Now here's the interesting thing we found out..We built the Filter cabs and those almost worked at smearing, without the wet towel! The filter cabs are NOT IR based, so, needless to say, that has set me on a whole other tangent in thinking that the static nature of IR could be in part causing this? The next step in my voyage is to create a cabinet that uses IR but also incorporates the dynamic portions of the Filter cabs. I know that from IR file to IR file it may get worse, or better, so that leads me to believe that we may be on the right track. We'll see what happens when we build the Littany Cabs..
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