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Originally Posted by Brian @ IK Multimedia View Post
Alright. Well, AmpliTube 3.5 will still have the same structure, with the TUNER, STOMPS, AMP, CAB, and RACK section. But you will be able to buy only the components you want through the Custom Shop. You will not need to own a prior version of AmpliTube to get started with the Custom Shop. There will be models for as little as $5, and you can use Jam Points for up to half the cost. AmpliTube will truly be accessible to everyone with a Mac or PC.
I have heard/read that the cost of Custom Shop amps will be from 5-20 dollars.
I would bet that a 5 dollar amp would probably be like the majority of freeware out there with a nicer Amplitubey skin.

I wonder what the pricing structure is of the good stuff.

Will you be able to buy FX as well through Custom Shop?

Would each individual purchase need to be authorized??

When is this supposed to be implemented?

(sorry guys, this is a slight derailment of the thread. These things seem to happen on the guitar threads here...

Brian @ IK Multimedia - maybe you could start a thread on Custom Shop)

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