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Originally Posted by ThrashJazzAssassin View Post
When 6% through loading strip data... on a big old project with loads of tracks/strips:

LBX Stripper.lua:42518: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value (field 'w')
Line 42518 is: strip.controls[c].xsc = math.floor(strip.controls[c].x + strip.controls[c].w/2 - (strip.controls[c].w*strip.controls[c].scale)/2)

[EDIT] .lbxstripper file:
I cannot see anything wrong with the lbxstripper file. Remember - though that projects may use a lbxstripper__ file too (depending on how the project was saved (with stripper open or closed).

I'm guessing the problem file is the __ one.

So a few things to try.

1. Make sure you back up both the lbxstripper and lbxstripper__ files.

2. Rename or delete the lbxstripper__ file for the project. Either stripper will prompt for a new file, or instantiate an empty stripper.

3. In Stripper - Go to ... menu -> Script Data -> Load Data File.

4. Find the lbxstripper file that you sent me - and load it. Does this load ok?

If this doesn't work - and the project is so old you don't have a lbxbak file - then could you send me the rpp file? I don't need any of the items or anything - just the rpp file to try and load the data.

Also could you send me the lbxstripper__ file associated with the project.

If you DO have a lbxbak file - try loading this from the Script Data part of the menu.

The only problem I see with reloading the lbxstripper file instead of the lbxstripper__ file - is that any tweaks to the layout that you made between a save within Stripper and a save with stripper closed (or closing down reaper) - may be lost... Hopefully that's not much - and if it's just plugin parameter tweaks - then this won't affect anything as they will refresh as soon as stripper runs.


EDIT: If you still get errors - even with the lbxstripper data file - then email me the rpp like I said earlier as I need to identify exactly what data is missing from the file (but like I said - looks ok from scanning through the file - but obviously it's a large amount of data and hard to propery check without being able to load it into Stripper (ie. without the rpp file)).
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