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Hi there

i am trying a little weird replacement of "Chord Track"
with Midi Force To Key (insertpizhere) plugins and Linker JS for linking plugin parameters
in different tracks

first.. a question
-is it possible to make plugins of the strip put always top of the fx chain (optionally)
as like Take Switcher does for LBX_Track Utility JS ?

basic video:

two strip
one Master .. this will rule all the Slaves
second Slave .. you can multiple it in many tracks as you need
in the Master strip channel Plugin parameters rules the JS Linker parameters
in the Slave channels Linker parameters rules the plugin parameters
all linked via Reaper Parameter modulation.
and all works in the Strip prepare project

now the problematic part
saving and loading FX Chain has no problem
but the Strips somehow drops the parameter modulation/links
only first 22 parameter links working in the Master strip (it has 23 )
and the Slave Strip drops all links..

i have of course no idea is it bug or something that belongs to area that we have no total control in it (API ? )
anyway ..still no wacky idea yet but i think this would count too

i updated two days ago ..should start to hunt for eggs or it was just internal things?

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