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Default ReaRoute and Windows7_x64


first of all ...
hi to everybody.
This is my first thread/post in this forum \^^

then ... i m sorry about my bad english ...

however ...
i have a big problem about reaper ReaRoute on my dell m4400 (with external m-audio firewire410 on pci expression TexasInstrument Chipset) on windows7 x64.

i have installed Reaper with ReaRoute installation check ... infact the rearoute.dll is copied correctly but windows doesn't load ASIO ReaRoute Driver.
I used debugMode logOn in windows7 to excluded signature certification problem ...

However no application found new ASIO Repaer Driver ...

i need help

Reaper version: 3.22_x64
OS version: Windows7_x64 7600 built

ps: i installed Reaper and ReaRoute on another winXp 32bit machine without any problem ... why does it give me problem on win7_x64?

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