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Originally Posted by DynamicK View Post
@lbo Thanks for the info....I had it as an Insert FX ....The faders were acting all weird. Just inserted it as a normal FX and everything is working.

How does the feedback feature work?
Do I just select YES
Feedback CCs: I'm mainly using under CC numbers < 40
Feedback Channel. Midi channel my controller ( XTouch Compact) is sending on? Or it's global channel?
Select yes to send feedback.

The CC options are 0-31, 32-63 etc. (for the 32 faders in the faderbox). I guess it depends on the controller what channel it receives on - it may be the same as the sending channel. I'm pretty sure SRD who I originally developed this for uses an XTouch - so it certainly should be able to talk back to the controller - I'm just not sure how he set it up - but the options should be there to get it working.

EDIT: Also of course you need to route MIDI from the control track to your controller.
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