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Originally Posted by nuno_m_pires View Post
128 faders !!! ... perfect
I would appreciate it.
thank you again
Hi Nuno,

Have updated the script to allow >32 faders (actually up to 512 if you wish - hopefully it doesn't use up too much CPU on monitoring all the faderbox parameters - not really stressed tested it).

Simply put more Faderbox JSFX on the control track. So two instances will be 64 faders. 3 instances = 96 faders etc.

You'll probably need to restart the script for it to update the number of faders.

Each faderbox will require different midi cc# range and/or channels to return the feedback to the correct controls.

You may need to do some clever routing on the outputted midi feedback if using multiple controllers I guess - this is not something I've tried - but I can't think of any reason why it cannot work.
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