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Originally Posted by DynamicK View Post
Thanks. I'll try this later....... Midi feedback works but only to my faders.

Would it be possible for the script to work without the FaderBox having focus? I see that if I close the Faderbox window, I lose control over the plugin. The same happens if I close down the lua script. Could they run in the background?
(The native Reaper MidiLearn works in the background....I don't have to have any other windows open)
Just a thought.
Sorry for delay in replying - been mega busy on lots of things and missed this edit.

Well - the Lua script must be running - otherwise it cannot monitor and translate the Faderbox values onto the selected parameters. You can of course adjust its size to make it small - and hide it somewhere - however - this is not possible to add as part of the script (you cannot alter the script window in code yet).

As for faderbox needing focus - this shouldn't have to be the case - as you simply learn the controls of the faderbox using Reaper's native learn routines - it should just work. Make sure though that when learning the faderbox controls that you don't have the 'Enable only when effect configuration is focused' option set - this would probably be the cause of requiring Faderbox to be focused.
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