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Originally Posted by cjewellstudios View Post
Hey Leon!

I am having an incredible time with this!

I am using this in conjunction with your LBX FX Positioner and actually Realearn from Helgoboss as well (I'll detail that at the end here)

What I would love to see in the LBX FX Positioner is when you click next or previous that it also focuses the plugin. I can't really find an easy way to focus the plugin apart from clicking on it. Focusing the plugin obviously sends the parameter data to the Smart Knobs script and in turn sends midi feedback to my midi twister. So it would be incredible if the positioner script also focused on the plugin in single mode. I know not everyone would use it in single mode so that may present a problem.


Sidenote here:

I used Helgoboss' Realearn to map the twister to the faderbox plugin. It does an impeccable job of minimizing parameter jumps and the feedback seemed to be easier to implement. I'm just saying this because it works insanely well and in case anyone was having trouble with parameter jumps like I was. (a classic midi controller fallback)

But this, the positioner, and the stripper are insanely awesome, Leon. Very very well done!
Thanks. I'll see what I can do regarding focussing the visible plugin. I think it should be possible, but not 100% - need to look into.
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