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Originally Posted by lb0 View Post

So what you want is a list of faders that can be assigned to anywhere all the time? (ie. doesn't matter if you change track/plugin focus etc)
i think every native option is valid. My scenario is just 1 way.

in my case yes i have this scenario:
- i want the hardware fader to control specific(s) parameters on specific tracks
ex: fader controls vol from track 1
or maybe fader controls vol from track 1 and 2(never used)
And no need for track or item to be selected

- If i duplicate this track, osc/learn is copied too. So both are working. So a way to enable just 1 of them is what i do, and that surge the need of what i refer by "target CC value get's effective after the old value as been reached", like some synths do. A way where i can switch between those 2 tracks (exclusively) and just one of them is responding to the fader. So that moving the fader is ignored until the CC as reached the value it holds and not right away like natively happens. (if you don't see what i am saying i will try to find a better way to explain: nord lead works this way? between ABCD patches knobs just start changing sound after the previous/last cc as been reached)

Anyway! the second point i refer is my own homework maybe! 1st point is the most important part i think. Thanks for listening : )

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