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Default Reaper + Impulse 25 HUI - continuous MIDI pulse note in record mode

Hi All,

I've just updated my Impulse 25 firmware and removed Automap from my Mac and have followed the setup for using Impulse HUI with Reaper. When I set a track input to be MIDI, Impulse 25, All channels, and go into record mode, there is a continuous pulse message registering in the track meter (HUI heartbeat maybe?) and if I start recording, the pulse is recorded as midi note 00 (c-1). Quite annoying, especially if using a plugin that produces a sound on that midi note which can then be heard. Anyone know how to stop this?

macOS: 10.13.6 High Sierra
Reaper: v6.14
Novation Impulse 25 firmware update as of 26th Feb 2021
Novation Mac USB Driver 3.1

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