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Fixing a lot of these for 5.65pre-ish. The ones I'm not mentioning should be hopefully fixed.

Originally Posted by Mr. Data View Post
[*] Translations can't be made for the upper dropdown menu in the theme elements finder [DLG_269]; in the lower dropdown the string "<image file name>" is missing in the template.
Probably not translating this (for now) because it's obscure...

The strings in this one are used internally for state so it's easier to not translate it for now (sorry).

Not belonging to the list of long-pending impossible translations, this is a quite obscure one, that can't be put into a reasonable format. Besides (or because of) that, the strings ":A", ":a", ":T" and "<space>" ar missing in the template:
Fixing this and updating the template for it, the A / a / T will not be localizable because they are user-configured, but the : will be.

The following translations don't work i.e. apply: When moving an envelope point or segment, the term "Adjusted: " (probably with an in this string embedded value) appears; it can't be translated.
All of these that have format specifiers + the original string ending in %% have a validation issue, fixing that!

;7C3B88238C71DAA1=Main toolbar
... doesn't work either (or has to go to a special block; in this case I put it into the [common] block).
Does it work if you put it in the common block? In theory this one has special internal meaning so updating it is tricky.
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