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Originally Posted by marce View Post
Step by Step:

1-Add ReaTune to the FX of the audio track you want "convert" to midi.
2-Inside Reatune check "Send MIDI events when pitch changes"
3-Go to the "I/O Routing" of the Audio track. Route it to the track where you have your midi synth, under "SENDS": Route ONLY the MIDI data "All channels to All channels". In the Audio combo box route "None to Channel 1/2"
4-Go to the "I/O Routing" of the MIDI Track. Select the Audio track in your "RECEIVES" (if you did the previous step well, it is done automatically)
5-You are done.

Tip 1: If you want, you can select an specific midi channel instead of all them.

Tip 2: You can put GSNAP or any other AUTOTUNE in the fx sidechain before REATUNE, to make more easy for REATUNE to recognize the pitch of your audio.

Thanks for the step by step walkthrough.
I have followed all the instructions carefully, but I am still getting zero midi information recorded on the midi track.
The signal appears on the Vu-meters, both on the sending track and on the receiving one, but the midi item remains blank.
Any ideas as to what other parameters may be causing this?
Thanks in advance.
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