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Originally Posted by bardo View Post
I got it to work too but kinda worbbly.
I can see the notes in the midi editor slipping off pitch.
How do you fix that?
I heard someone say that you put a pitch correction on the midi track also.
Does that make sense?
The midi output only tracks the pitch that you feed it. So if you sing or play a real-world note and there is any trace of pitch gesture or expression, or if there is vibrato or unsteadiness or intonation issues, then the midi output will track that as well.

Pitch correction works the same way-- if you play or sing "A" a half-step sharp, then Reatune is going to "correct" it to Bb unless you tweak the settings to prevent that.

In other words, ReaTune doesn't know what fret you're fingering (for instance), it only knows what pitch the guitar is producing.

There are three things you can do:

1. You can try to feed Reatune a more stable pitch to begin with (eg by improving your playing technique or intonation).

2. You can tweak Reatune's settings (such as window size) to try and get it to ignore small pitch gestures. Reatune is very "tuneable" in this respect as long as you're playing in a fairly narrow frequency range-- set the window longer for lower-frequency sounds and shorter for higher-frequency sounds.

3. You can manually correct the resulting midi track to clean up any "mistakes."

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