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Default EZ Drummer and best way to create custom tracks

Still new to recording, I’m using EZD2 in Reaper, and by following videos I’m able to write a custom drum pattern (the standalone just doesn’t have an exact pattern). One way I saw was to create a track with EZD2 as the VST then choose an area on the grid that a midi item will go.

I can create the pattern I hear in my head, but my problem is I can only create patterns to the length of the midi item block I created. I can copy/paste the block to lengthen it, but any changes I make in one block changes all of them.

Which approach do you experts think is best?

Choose a huge area on the grid so I know I’ll have enough room to create patterns? (But this will be achingly slow)

2. Create a complete “song” in the EZD2 standalone that is “kind of close” to what I’m going for, then copy that to Reaper then make my changes?

3. Create the song in Reaper one drum part at a time (I only have my PC keyboard at the moment).

Thanks in advance
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