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Win 10 may be great, but I am put off by the way Microsoft is behaving. I have removed the "Get Windows 10" update from my Win 7 machine three times. There is a list of four or five updates that I keep hiding and Microsoft keeps reissuing that deal with "telemetry," "upgrading Windows Update," "preparing Win 7 for upgrade" etc. Some of these come prechecked for installation, and if you uncheck them without hiding them, they will check themselves again. If you search on "Windows 10 forced upgrade" you will encounter several articles (Ars Technica is probably the best). Microsoft also issued a gibberish update that they later claimed was a mistake. They also claim that the self-checking "important" updates were a mistake, but since they were issued several times, that seems doubtful. Remember that in Windows 10, updates are not optional. At some point they will probably issue an update that modifies Win 7 so that updates can no longer be hidden. Everything will be installed, mistakes and all.

If you want to know what an update does, "more information" doesn't tell you much. You have to search on each update on the web to see if you can safely install it.

This is no longer just about privacy issues. It is about having control of your computer. It is also about trust. Microsoft does not seem to be telling the truth about much of anything these days. Satya Nadella's goal may be for us to love Microsoft, but this is a bad relationship.

I am happily running Linux Mint. If Win 10 runs on your hardware without problems and you don't care about forced updates or privacy, you are doing what Microsoft wants and they will probably leave you alone. If you are trying to keep Win 7 on your machine, it is becoming very amusing to try. Do you really want to deal with a company that does this kind of stuff? Apple and Google are at least polite about it.
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