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I got the Rubix 22 almost two months ago when I was looking for a (second) compact unit with Hi-Z input and MIDI-I/O.
The Rubix is mainly connected to my MacBook (still on 10.10.5) and rock solid so far on both macOS and Windows 10 (when I tested the unit there).

As a side note: Installing drivers for the Rubix is only necessary on Windows.

In general, I'd say for the price and its features the Rubix 22 is a pretty solid unit.

My other audio interface (mainly connected to the Desktop) is the NI Komplete Audio 6 which is up and running without any problems since 2011 - on both Windows (7 and 10) and macOS.
Unfortunately this one won't die either (in order to be most likely replaced by a RME)

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